What is the tenure of The President?

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Presidents may remain in office for a tenure of five years, as stated by Article 56, Part V, of the Constitution of India. In the case where a President’s term of office is terminated early or during the absence of the President, the Vice President assumes office. By Article 70 of Part V, the Parliament may decide how to discharge the functions of the President where this is not possible, or in any other unexpected contingency.

Interesting facts related to the President of India:

  • There have been 14 presidents of India since the post was established when India was declared as a republic with the adoption of the Indian constitution in 1950.
  • Apart from these fourteen, three acting presidents have also been in office for short periods of time. 
  • V.V.Giri became the acting president in 1969 after Zakir Husain, died in office. Giri was elected president a few months later. He remains the only person to have held office both as a president and acting president.
  • Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India, is the only person to have held office for two terms.
  • Seven presidents have been members of a political party before being elected. Six of these were active party members of the Indian National Congress. The Janata Party has had one member, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, who later became president.
  • Two presidents, Zakir Husain, and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed have died in office.
  • The 12th president, Pratibha Patil, is the first woman to hold the office, elected in 2007.

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