List of All Presidents of INDIA

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List of All Presidents of INDIA

Who is the President Of India ?

The President of India is the Head of the state of India and the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Force. The president is referred to as the first citizen of India. The position is largely a ceremonial one and executive powers are de facto exercised by the Prime Minister.

This is the list of all Presidents of India till now.

Sl.No.NameTenure(From)Tenure(To)Electoral MandatesTime in OfficePrevious Post
1Dr. Rajendra Prasad26.01.195013.05.19621950, 1952, 195712 years 107 daysPresident of the Constituent Assembly
2Dr. S. Radhakrishnan13.05.196213.05.196719625 yearsVice President
3Dr. Zakir Hussain13.05.196703.05.196919671 year 355 daysVice President
ActingV.V. Giri03.05.196920.07.196978 daysVice President
ActingJustice Mohammad Hidyatullah20.07.196924.08.196935 daysChief Justice of India
4V.V. Giri24.08.196924.08.197419695 yearsActing President
5Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed24.08.197411.02.197719742 years 171 daysFood and Agriculture Minister
ActingBasappa Danappa Jatti11.02.197725.07.1977164 daysVice President
6N. Sanjiva Reddy25.07.197725.07.198219775 yearsSpeaker of the Lok Sabha
7Giani Zail Singh25.07.198225.07.198719825 yearsHome Minister
8Ramaswamy Venkatraman25.07.198725.07.199219875 yearsVice President
9Shankar Dayal Sharma25.07.199225.07.199719925 yearsVice President
10K. R. Narayan25.07.199725.07.200219975 yearsVice President
11Dr. A. P. J. Kalam25.07.200225.07.200720025 yearsChief Scientific Advisor of Prime Minister
12Mrs. Pratibha Patil25.07.200725.07.201220075 yearsGovernor of Rajasthan
13Pranab Mukherjee25.07.201225.07.201720125 yearsFinance Minister
14Ram Nath Kovind25.07.2017Till date2017Governor of Bihar

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