HTML Introduction

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HTML Introduction

In this tutorial, we will learn HTML, which will be helpful for everyone who wants to learn it. And the best part is that you don’t need to worry about any kind of prerequisite knowledge of anything.

What is HTML?

HTML is an acronym that stands for Hyper Text Markup Language 

It is used for creating web pages and web applications.

What is Hyper Text?

HyperText means “Text within Text” A text has a link within it, which is known as hypertext. Whenever you click on a link it redirects you to a new webpage, this is how it works.

In other words, HyperText is a way to link two or more web pages (HTML documents) with each other.

What is Markup language?

To apply layout and formatting conventions to a text document, Markup language is used. It makes the text more interactive and dynamic.

It can turn text into images, tables, links, etc.

Just have a look of how an HTML looks like

<title>Web page title</title>  
<h1> Your First Heading</h1>  
<p> Your First Paragraph.</p>  

Now, Let’s understand what each tag means.

Description of HTML Example above

<!DOCTYPE>: It defines the document type or it actually instructs the browser about the version of HTML.So the current version of HTML used is HTML5.

<html > :This tag informs the browser that it is an HTML document. The text between the HTML tag describes the web document. Note that, it is a container for all other elements of HTML except <!DOCTYPE>

<head>: It should be the first element inside the <html> element, which contains the metadata or the information of the entire document.

<title>: It is used to add the title of that HTML page which appears at the top of the browser window.

<body>: Text between body tag describes the body content of the page that is visible to the end-user.

<h1> : Text between <h1> tag describes the first level heading of the webpage.

<p> : Text between <p> tag describes the paragraph of the webpage.

We will further look after the different tags used in HTML.

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